Welcome to Buckley's TypeScript Blockchain Framework Harnessing the Power of Tendermint

Welcome to Bearmint, the TypeScript Blockchain Framework for Tendermint that makes Blockchain development accessible to developers regardless of their level of experience. Bearmint handles all the grunt work, meaning you have more time to focus on building your application and getting it out to market
As Purdy as a Picture

Simple is Purdy, Clear as Daylight!

Buckley says simple is real purdy, and we agree! Building on a strong foundation, Bearmint provides developers with the proverbial mother lode when it comes to functionality. Every feature is carefully crafted using clean, simple code, resulting in the most intuitive, open and organic developer experience yet!

Never Fold and Go All-In on Testing!!

Bearmint is committed to delivering the best testing experience imaginable - no more brittle tests that are a nightmare to maintain. Functional programming combined with beautiful testing APIs and a high-performance test runner let you confidently ship robust applications in no time at all.
Test Yer Mettle Without Breakin' a Sweat!
There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!

Bearmint's already laid the foundation, freeing you to build and compose your application without sweating the small things. Pick and choose what works for you, customize it and get up and running in a fraction of the time you would require starting from scratch.

Never Bark at a Knot Again!

Cut out the tough stuff by relying on Bearmint's sane default conventions. With Bearmint, you won't have to make any tough decisions, giving you the freedom to focus on what you're passionate about.
Never Bark at a Knot Again!
Providin' You the Freedom You Seek!

Providin' You the Freedom You Seek!

Being transaction agnostic gives developers freedom to define their own custom types. Bearmint will never restrict you, thereby encouraging innovation and enabling high development velocity. This means you can ship faster with full confidence that your application functions according to your specifications.


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